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About Us

We provide individualized and group setting education and consulting services, namely, classes and online workshops in the fields of personal growth, development, and self-fulfillment for young women; providing virtual and in-person coaching in the field of personal growth, development self-fulfillment for young women.

iSquared Coaching is a  program that coaches young women between the ages of 12-21 on how to find their purpose in life. The 90-day program is an individualized plan to assist young women with their personal development journey, which is based on their pre-assessment. This is a one-of-a-kind program for any young woman who needs support with self-esteem, conflict resolution, building relationships, time management, organization, and more.. To enroll the young lady will need to complete the pre-assessment, sign up for the enrollment meeting and pay her enrollment fees.

iSquared coaching strives to help young women follow their passion in life versus letting their passion follow them. In our 90 day program, we work with young women to identify their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

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