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Life Coaching w/Dr. Kerrie


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Life coaching is so important in today's world. As adults, we are so consumed with everything, but ourselves. As children, we had these huge dreams and goals and life hit us like a ton of bricks after high school and/or college. But don't worry you still have time to live intentionally. Ask yourself these three questions. 

Do you understand how your barriers are keeping you from taking your life to the next level? Do you feel you are stuck going in circles with your life and mind? Are you ready to take your life and mind to the next level?

If you said yes to any of these three questions,  book a Free 15 minute Discovery Call with Dr. Kerrie.

She may be just what you need to take your life and mind to the next level.

Life Coaching Includes


  • 30 Day Vision Workbook

  • DISC Assessment

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Consistent Support                            

     Focus Areas

  • Finding your Vision

  • Behavior Strengths

  • Communication

  • Ideal Job Climate

  • Time Management

  • Organization       



  • Increased Self-Awareness

  • Knowledge of Blindspots

  • Knowledge of your Ideal Job Climate

  • Strategies to Stay Effective

  • Strategies for Continual Improvement

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