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iSquared Coaching & Consulting

Business Meeting

Effective team building, communication, and collaboration are essential for any successful business or school. By fostering a positive and supportive environment, you can improve, boost morale, and achieve your goals. Our solutions provide practical tools and strategies to help you stronger teams, improve communication, and increase effectiveness.
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Mission & Vision


To help businesses, organizations, teams, and groups learn to work together, find strength in unity, align with each other, and place the right people in the right positions.


To see businesses, organizations, teams, and groups maximize strengths, leverage talents, grow, and expand successfully.

iSquared Coaching is a structured group coaching program that will strive to teach each participant how to find their purpose in life. Our program is individualized for each participant in your group. Dr. Kerrie and her team will guide each participant along their personal development journey, which is based on your DISC Assessment results. This one-of-a-kind program is for female and/or male businesses, organizations, teams, and groups who need support with self-awareness, leveraging and placing talent correctly, conflict resolution, building relationships, effective communication, goal setting, time management, organization, and/or more.


We provide individualized and group-setting education as well as consulting services, classes, and online workshops in the fields of personal development, and self-fulfillment for your group; providing virtual and in-person coaching.

iSquared coaching team members will strive to help each participant follow their passion in life versus letting their passion follow them. In our program, Dr. Kerrie and her team will help your group develop their strengths, become aware of blindspots, and break down barriers that cause them to be distracted. Throughout the program, we will also work with each group to help you identify your talents and non-talents and help you balance them.

To enroll your group or if you need additional information, please click the Contact Us button to set up a consultation with Dr. Kerrie and her team.

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Program Overview

  • 31-Day Personal Development Devotional & Workbook         

  • DISC Assessment                                                

  • Pre and Post Assessment                                                   

  • Customized training schedule 

    • ie. One day, multiple days, or recurring.                          

Focus Areas

  • Identify and Remove Blindspots

  • Self-Awareness & Confidence

  • Organizational awareness


  • Time Management   


  • Conflict Resolution         


  • Building Relationships 


  • Communication

  • Finding misplaced talent

Program Outcomes

  • Increased Self - Awareness  


  • Improved Cohesiveness 


  • Improved Consistency 


  • Improved Relationships   


  • Effective Communication

  • Corrected Talent Placement

Are you ready to sign your group up?

This is the program for your group if:

  • Your group needs help dreaming bigger.

  • Your group lacks accountability.

  • Your group lacks cohesiveness.

  • Your group needs help with managing their time.

  • You need help ensuring you have the right people in the right positions.

  • Your group needs team building.

  • Your group needs help communicating effectively.

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